Wellness Center

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I’m Karma G, a wellness mentor of over 20 years, a licensed acupuncturist and integrative nutritionist since 2006, and life long martial artist(started in 1988). In this video, we will go over the most important concept in all of healing and wellness “clarity”. To have a successful healing journey and to feel well in body and mind we have to first be able to define what wellness is to us. This is part 1 of my “5 ELEMENTS OF WELLNESS” foundation series where we learn how to communicate our wants and needs on our wellness journey. whether you are into slow living or a fast-paced life, clarity in self-reflection and communication with others is what will set the tone of your day-to-day wellness experience. come and say hi on Instagram where I share my daily eats and more. https://instagram.com/wellness_with_k… comment and let’s grow this channel together. keep in mind this is an educational channel and only constructive comments will be kept up. Thank you for being here!!